Temple Run

9.0 Overall Score
Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Controls: 9/10

Easy to get into, challenging to master | Great visuals and style.

Might lack some longevity | No friends scoreboards.


Like all great mobile games, Temple Run’s premise is simple. You must run from the evil demon monkeys from which you have stolen treasure.

The graphics are crisp and smooth and the controls are reactive and straight forward. Your character runs automatically leaving you to swipe left and right to navigate the route, and up and down to leap over or slide under the obstacles you encounter. Along the way you’re expected to collect coins, for which you’ll need to tilt your device left and right to adjust your adventurer accordingly.  By nabbing these coins, you are able to afford boosts and power ups in the in-game shop, giving you temporary powers or advantages along the way. In fact, should you be of the persuasion, you have the option to spend real-life money to buy even more coins to increase that advantage.  But that would be crazy right.

Having played it for a healthy amount of time, I can say that it’s easy to get into and challenging to master.  As the action begins to hot up, running speed increases and route complexity has you looking for your inner Jedi to pre-empt your next move… and then you’ll get decapitated by a tree tunnel.  Still, should you feel your high score is noteworthy, you can post it to twitter from inside the game and beckon all challengers.

What I would have liked to see is a method of having scoreboards amongst your friends.  For me, this would have kept alive some of the challenge and given me an excuse for “just one more go”.  As it is, once you’ve had a few good runs, spent coins on some power ups, and posted your score into the twitterverse, you’re left with few challenges to face.   The great style and easy to pick up game-play brings you back for occasional goes but for me the longevity isn’t there.  Still, that takes nothing away from the quality of the overall package.

The game has been a big hit on iOS and is now seeing enormous support on Android with well over 10 million downloads since launch, so Temple Run certainly has hit a fine balance.

Check it out, and let us know your high scores.


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