Racing mayhem with tiny cars in Mini Motor Racing


Racing games have been a popular genre since the beginning of gaming, so it’s not strange that even today a lot of great games are from the racing genre. Yesterday we saw the release of Mini Motor Racing for Android, a racing game featuring a concept we have seen before with games like Bang Bang Racing. Relative small cars in a cartoon-like environment sporting some really nice graphics, thats what you get with this game.

There are about 20 tracks which you will be driving around on, even at night and in reverse. You can do this with a lot of different (unlockable) cars, ranging from small hatchbacks to serious racing cars. All these cars are upgradeable as well, using an in-game currency. If you don’t have the patience to unlock everything, you can use in-app purchases as well to speed things up.

Mini Motor Racing also has four-player multiplayer available via local  WiFi, perfect to take on your friends in a hectic race. Fans of games like Reckless Racing and Micro Machines should definitely give this game a go. You can download it via Google Play for $1,99.

Download ($1,99)


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