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A few weeks ago we saw the release of the second Humble Bundle for Android, which featured  some really nice games. For the people spending more than the average amount, Swords & Soldiers came available as well. After being released on every platform known to men (at least, that’s how it felt) Swords & Soldiers was already one of the more popular games from the Humble Bundle. For those of you who have missed this great offer, publisher Two Tribes has made the game available on the Play Store as well now.

The Dutch developer Romino has crafted a great looking side-scrolling tower defense game with a twist. There are three story-lines to follow, which will contain it’s own set of playable characters. Goal is to reach and destroy the castle of your opponent at the other end of the playing field. Using different sets of (unlock-able) power-ups you will be busy during battle as well. It’s not just a matter of creating a big army, you will also need to practice some strategical skills.

Next to the story mode, Swords & Soldiers also contains a Skirmish mode. This will let you play the different missions whenever it suits you, with the ability of altering all sorts of settings to enrich the gameplay. There is a free demo available for those of you with doubts, for all the other persons the full version is available for $2,99.

Full ($2,99)Demo (Free)


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