Com2Us showing gameplay of Inotia IV: Assassin of Berkel


Back in November the first images of Inotia IV were shown at Korean game conventions, so it was known that this game was coming. It seems that we are close to a release, as developer Com2Us has shown the first gameplay trailer with actual footage of the game.

The previous game in the series still is one of the more popular RPG’s on the Play Store right now, so it’s not a suprise the forth part will follow it’s footsteps. Gameplay and graphics are similar to what we have seen from the previous games, where Com2Us shares the following features for this new game:

- 6 Classes, 90 skills
- Convenient party system
- Mercenaries can be recruited to your party anytime and anywhere.
- One of the largest mobile RPG maps
- A tragic destiny and other schemes await the shadow assassin and the Channel of light
- Exclusive sub-quests ready to be unraveled
- End of story means beginning of a new journey: Infinite Dungeon for hardcore players

When the exact release date will be is unknown, but this will be a matter of days instead of weeks.


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