Is Splash Damage bringing Rad Soldiers to Android as well?


Today all the iOS-blogs were posting about Rad Soldiers, the latest game by Splash Damage. You may know that name from the PC-shooter Brink, which made some waves last year. When a PC-developer is bringing a game towards a mobile platform, the anticipating is always quite high. People expect, and demand, a high quality game with console-like qualities. And from the first details it looks like Rad Soldiers is going to fill in on these expectations.

But, as you may know, we are not about iOS-games over here. We like our games on Android. So the big question here is: ‘Will we see this game on Android any time soon?’. No real answer can be given to be honest. reported that Splash Damage will be porting Rad Soldiers to other mobile platforms, meaning Android and/or WP7. But we haven’t seen any quotes from the devs themselves, so all that remains is guessing.

Would we like to see it on Android? Just look at the trailer below, and you tell us what you think! ;)

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    That’s a smart answer to a tricky qustieon

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