Long-awaited ‘Battle’ update for Pocket God available now


Pocket God is a sandbox game where you rule over a kingdom inhabited by Pygmies. You have the full control over what happens with these little guys. Via updates Pocket God gets new functionality which you can use to play new games with your Pygmy, or just other ways to kill them.

The update frequency (with new gameplay) is not so high for the Android version, at least in comparison with the iOS release. But today Ngmoco released the ‘Battle of Gods’ update, bringing new gameplay to Pocket God. There is a new arena now where you will use the power of the God Idols to battle and defeat your enemy.

The fights are based on the rock-paper-scissors dynamic, making it easy to understand for all ages. If you do well you can unlock different new God Idols, who will bring new special powers to be used during the fights.

This update is available for free via Google Play.

Download ($0,99)


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