New information on Sega’s Total War Battles: Shogun


Sega has revealed some new information on it’s upcoming real-time strategy game Total War Battles: Shogun. The game was shown to the public last month at the GDC’12, and received positive feedback from the crowd there. The Total War series started out as a PC-game, but the developers behind the PC-version are now working on a mobile edition.

Focus was set to adapt the gameplay so it was suitable for a touch screen, while maintaining the characteristics of the original game. You still will need to generate resources and recruit units while building and deploying upgrades for your army. All this takes place in Medieval Japan, where we will find ninjas and samurai next to other units.

Sega has published some of the key features of this game, which are summed up below:

- Real-time battles using a hex battle maps
- Drag and drop controls, perfect for touch-screens
- 1 vs. 1 local multiplayer
- Scalable difficulty settings and useful hint system

 The release date has been rumored to be still in this moment, but Sega has not released any statement yet to confirm this. If you liked Great Little War Game, this could be a very good follow up title for you.



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