Gamevil’s Freekick Battle coming to Android, including multiplayer


A week ago Gamevil introduced their latest game Freekick Battle in the App Store for iOS. This game features 3D graphics in an environment where you are tested on your free kick skills. As it turns out this game is coming to Android as well, as proven in the trailer seen below. One of the features of this game is cross-platform multi-player, demonstrated with an iPad and a Samsung Android phone. When the exact release date will be is unknown, but you can assume the game will be available for free, same as it’s iOS-counterpart.

Next to the online multi-player there are also a number of singleplayer modes available, to test your skills before taking them online. You can create your own character and customize the looks. But as in  real-life this will cost you some money, as seen before in other freemium titles. Oh, and if you think Homerun Battle 3D is from the same developer, then your wrong. All similarities are purely coincidental ;)


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  1. Cyelii August 18, 2014 at 1:56 am - Reply

    There is a critical shortage of inomrfative articles like this.

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