These four games will remind you of Super Mario Bros.


It could very well be the most well known game in the world: Super Mario Bros. When released together with the NES, this game became an instant hit. Easy to pick up gameplay combined with smart level design made this a classic platform game. It has inspired a lot of other jump ‘n run games and still defines the genre. No wonder that within the Play Store we found a bunch of games which didn’t even bother to hide where they got their inspiration from.

As Nintendo has no plans to port Super Mario Bros. to Android soon, we have listed the ‘next best thing’ here:

Mobile Andrio

Jump ‘n Run gameplay as you would expect, but Mobile Andrio has a rather cool feature as well. Using Scoreloop you can try to beat the scores of other players and use the Challenge option to see head-to-head who is the better gamer.

Download (Free)

Super Androix

This game is combining gameplay from the first three Mario games into one game. Shields lost by enemies can be picked up and thrown towards other enemies just like in Super Mario 2, while the level select screen is a direct copy of Super Mario Bros. 3. Sadly the game doesn’t use the full screen, but still a fun Mario-inspired game.

Download (Free)

Super Daddio

The name looks like a combination of the two games above, but the style of the game itself lies closest to the original Mario game. Perhaps this is the least polished game in the list, but still a fun jump ‘n run game.

Download (Free)

Super Dobey

Another game which goes by the name ‘Super..’. The graphics in this game look like a direct port of the 8-bit game itself. No hiding the inspiration here! Even the music seems inspired by some well known tune.

Download (Free)


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