Speed Racer: The Beginning is heading for Android at full speed


While there are already lots of racing games available for Android, none of them feature one the most well known franchise of them all: Speed Racer. A few years ago there was a (not so well received) movie released, and we have found out that Speed Racer is also coming to Android. Developer Social Games International mentioned the Android release in the description of their game trailer for the iOS-release.

Speed Racer: The Beginning will be based upon the popular anime series which found it’s origin in the 1950′s. The look and feel of the game will be similar to the early days of Speed Racer, featuring characters like Speed, Trixie and Racer X. OpenFeint scorboards will be included, to share your achievements in one of the 20 different levels.

Looking at the trailer below, i’m not really thrown back by the speed displayed. Hopefully this will be different once we get to play it ourselves. The exact release date is currently unknown, so stay tuned for more info on that.


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