Red Riding Hood with a twist in this new time traveling RPG called Elphis Adventure


Com2Us is the developer behind some very popular Android games like Slice It! and Homerun Battle 3D. Today they released their latest title, a RPG called Elphis Adventure. The story is inspired on the well known fairytale Red Riding Hood, but there are some twists included. When visiting your granny she happens to have disappeared.

This is the start of a time traveling adventure which will explain what has happened with your grandmother. All this in a 2D side-scrolling RPG presentation, as we have seen before in various other RPG’s.

All the well-known characteristics of a RPG, such as leveling and dungeon crawling, are included in Elphis Adventure. If  you play your cards right, you can even change the outfit of your character. This colorful game can be downloaded now from the Play Store, for free.

Download (Free)


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