Gamevil plans a daily RPG release? Immortal Dusk released today


It was just yesterday that Gamevil unleashed their RPG Advena onto the Play Store, but that is not stopping them. Today they released another RPG, called Immortal Dusk. Yet again we are out to save the world, this time in a bit more retro-inspired environment.

Gamevil themselves describe Immortal Dusk as a traditional RPG which focuses on the player development. Expect to level up and to face stronger enemies every quest you complete. As we haven’t finished Advena yet, we were not able to check this out ourselves. If you have completed that game already, then you have a new quest awaiting in the Play Store.

I’m curious to see what Gamevil is going to release tomorrow.

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One Comment on "Gamevil plans a daily RPG release? Immortal Dusk released today"

  1. Grim April 12, 2012 at 10:27 pm - Reply

    You can’t have too many RPG’s, keep them coming Gamevil :D

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