Spacetime Studios brings their third MMORPG with Dark Legends


With games like Star Legends and Pocket Legends developer Spacetime Studios already has two very popular MMORPG’s in the Play Store right now. But it looks like this was not enough for them, as today they announced that they released their latest title: Dark Legends. And indeed, you have guessed it right, this is also a MMORPG.

The biggest difference in Dark Legends is the setting of the game itself. As the name describes, everything is a lot darker and more mature than the previous two MMORPG’s from Spacetime. Vampires have been revealed by new technologies and mankind has started the hunt for them. Your character is a vampire which needs to try to survive, involving a lot of hack ‘n slash gameplay in the online world of Dark Legends.

All players worldwide enter the same server, so there is one big world where you can meet every player of Dark Legends. This enables you to play in co-op with your friends, or fight them in the PvP areas.

Dark Legends is a free download and is supporting the Xperia Play as well.

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