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Dutch mobile developer Orange Pixel has been sharing a lot of information on it’s newest title called Chrono & Cash. With games as Meganoid and Stardash they already have a reputation build as a dev which knows it ways around bringing back that retro-feeling. And yes, this is something which looks to be happening with their latest installment as well.

Previous games of Orange Pixel have put you into the role of the hero, but this time we are on the other side of the law. You are a time traveling thief who needs to steal valuable artifacts from those eras. The inspiration lies with the coin-up games as seen in arcades during the ’80s and ’90s.

The screenshots you can find on this page confirm the retro look of this game. All the graphics look like they were taken from a old SNES game and also the gameplay has found inspiration in that same period. All the levels reflect the location very nicely, with enemies you would expect there.

The video below shows early footage from the gameplay of this game. It’s obvious that a big part of the game will be about avoiding enemies. Your route in the level is based on whether the enemy is looking or not. You need to steal the artifacts while they are not watching, so timing and planning are important in gathering all those precious items.  Solid Snake would be jealous on the amount of stealth skills you will need!

Other similarities are found with games like Super Crate Box and Muffin Knight. The levels are as big as your screen is, with different setups of the platforms, as seen with those previously mentioned titles. Not a bad thing, as both games are very popular.

Unfortunately we were unable to play Chrono & Cash ourselves yet, but we can tell you that this game will be supporting horizontal and vertical gameplay. The iCade is supported thanks to this, bringing a real arcade experience. What the direct impact will be of the screen layout is not completely clear yet, but we are anxious to see what Orange Pixel has in store for us!

The releasedate for Chrono & Cash is currently unknown


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