Sega’s Football Manager Handheld 2012 available now


Football Manager is the most popular football simulation on a lot of different platforms and Sega hast just released the handheld version on Android. You play the manager of a squad in one of the 12 different leagues, where you are in control of the transfers, tactics and all other tasks related to managing a football team.

Exclusive for the handheld version is the ‘Challenge Mode’. This features a scenario in which you have a goal to reach, like becoming champion or avoiding a degrade to a lower league. All this is using real names and players, using the massive database Sports Interactive has gathered over the years. Even young new talents are included in this game.

The price Sega asks may seem a bit steep, but the game is packed with content. It will guarantee a lot of hours of gameplay, just like the PC-version.

Download ($9.99)


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