Four games Google should feature in the Play Store


Being featured in the Play Store is a big thing for developers. The number of downloads goes trough the roof once a game gets in that special spot. The extra attention not only works for the game being featured, but also for the other games the developer may have available.

The mechanics behind choosing those games is unknown, so therefor I created a small list of games which should be featured by Google. The absolutely deserve more downloads and attention they are currently getting. So Google, are you paying attention?

Amazing CharlieBlue Carrot Games (50-100 downloads)

Amazing Charlie is a very original puzzle game which lets you draw the path a clown travels via cannons. There are lots of levels in this game, which has a very polished look and feel. I just can’t believe this game is below 100 downloads after being launched several months ago already.

Robophonics – LudoCraft (500-1000 downloads)

It’s all about rhythm in  this game, but with a twist. Every robot, working a construction line, has its own beat. You need to match that beat perfectly in order for the robot to do his job at his best. All the robots combined will create some nice tunes, but you need to re-arrange them sometimes so they are played in the correct manner as well. You will need some skills for this game!

iBlast MokiGodzilab (1000-5000 downloads)

A few years ago iBlast Moki was one of the most popular games in the iOS App Store, thanks to it’s cute esthetics’s and fun gameplay. You have complete freedom in how you solve the different physics-based puzzles. Its your job to get the different Moki’s into the vortex, using all kind of different items. There is also a level-editor included, so you can create your own puzzles if you like. One of the best physic/puzzle games in the Play Store. Really!

Tongue TiedMojo Bones (1000-5000 downloads)

The only reason you would need to download Tongue Tied is due to the funny animations. Two dogs tied together create a very funny foundation for a platform game you have never seen before. The levels become really challenging and it will all come down on your own technique. Very polished as well.


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