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By Tom, April 20, 2012 0 News

WAS IT EVER EASY TO SAVE A WORLD ??? Alphanoize Games asks you this question in the description of CheeseMan at the Play Store. The answer is obviously: no. Keep that in mind while playing CheeseMan, because this platform game… Read More »

By Tom, April 19, 2012 2 News

Today all the iOS-blogs were posting about Rad Soldiers, the latest game by Splash Damage. You may know that name from the PC-shooter Brink, which made some waves last year. When a PC-developer is bringing a game towards a mobile… Read More »

By Tom, April 19, 2012 3 News

Touchscreens are a challenge for certain game types, which were born before we could swipe and tap our way trough games. We saw all kind of different methods already, but Nightmare Conquest tried a completely different way. You give directions… Read More »

By Matt, April 19, 2012 0 News

With over 10 million “runners” on Android alone, Temple Run is a title you’ve likely already heard about.   If not, in a nutshell – run for your life from Evil Demon Monkeys!  That should sell it for you right… Read More »

By Matt, April 19, 2012 1 News

If you’ve missed the boat on OMGPOP’s Draw Something, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  Challenge your friends (and enemies?) to a draw off, win some virtual coins, and enjoy the hilarity of your woeful scribblings.  The… Read More »

By Tom, April 18, 2012 0 News

Just now Gamevil has uploaded a trailer of their upcoming RPG Illusia 2. A few weeks ago they announced that they had this game in development, and now they are showing off the first details of this game. There is… Read More »

By Tom, April 18, 2012 0 News

Pocket God is a sandbox game where you rule over a kingdom inhabited by Pygmies. You have the full control over what happens with these little guys. Via updates Pocket God gets new functionality which you can use to play… Read More »

By Tom, April 17, 2012 0 News

Sega has revealed some new information on it’s upcoming real-time strategy game Total War Battles: Shogun. The game was shown to the public last month at the GDC’12, and received positive feedback from the crowd there. The Total War series… Read More »

By Tom, April 17, 2012 0 News

It must be exciting times for the people of Game Bakery, as they just released their first Android game onto the Play Store. They describe themselves as creators of casual games; which is proven by their first release: Greedy Cookie…. Read More »

By Tom, April 16, 2012 1 News

A week ago Gamevil introduced their latest game Freekick Battle in the App Store for iOS. This game features 3D graphics in an environment where you are tested on your free kick skills. As it turns out this game is… Read More »

By Tom, April 16, 2012 1 News

Gameloft is not only about 3D action games, but also has a variety of games available for the casual gamers amongst us. Today they’ve announced a new casual title called Shark Dash. This shark-flinging physics puzzle game is set for… Read More »

By Tom, April 14, 2012 1 News, Specials

It could very well be the most well known game in the world: Super Mario Bros. When released together with the NES, this game became an instant hit. Easy to pick up gameplay combined with smart level design made this… Read More »