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By Tom, July 4, 2012 12 News

In the year 2012 the world has come to and end, as money has lost its value. Riots have started against the politicians responsible, resulting in bloody fights. But it seems the politicians were prepared on this, as suddenly millions… Read More »

By Tom, July 3, 2012 142 News

Chillingo has released their hit-game Draw Race 2 finally for Android. The EA-owned publisher has the reputation to focus on iOS, proven by the late releases of games published by them. Months after the release on iOS, Draw Race 2… Read More »

By Tom, May 22, 2012 0 News

After first being released on Xbox Live as an Indie Game, also known as XBLIG, the Dutch developer behind this puzzle game has released Them Blockz for Android just now. This puzzle game is bringing 8-bit graphics with some challenging… Read More »

By Tom, May 15, 2012 1 News

With games like Wordfeud and Draw Something topping the charts, one thing becomes obvious: games you can play against others are popular. Developer David Goemans saw this trend as well, and started working on his game Word Shuffle, which he… Read More »

By Tom, May 11, 2012 0 News

Racing games have been a popular genre since the beginning of gaming, so it’s not strange that even today a lot of great games are from the racing genre. Yesterday we saw the release of Mini Motor Racing for Android,… Read More »

By Tom, May 10, 2012 0 News

A few weeks ago we already told you about the plans of developer Noodlecake to bring several new games to Android. Today we saw the first release if, Noodlecake’s own title called Lunar Racer. In this side-scrolling race game you… Read More »

By Tom, May 1, 2012 35 News

A few weeks ago we saw the release of the second Humble Bundle for Android, which featured  some really nice games. For the people spending more than the average amount, Swords & Soldiers came available as well. After being released… Read More »

By Tom, May 1, 2012 20 News

Paw Print Games is the developer behind games like Kami Retro (published by Gamevil) and KamiCrazy. Over the weekend they have released their latest game Wacky Rapids, although they have not made any official announcement on their twitter or homepage…. Read More »

By Tom, April 30, 2012 0 News

After showing the first trailer last week, Gameloft has uploaded a new gameplay trailer of their upcoming shooter N.O.V.A. 3. While the exact release date is still unknown, the trailer shows in-game footage of what you can expect. The graphics… Read More »

By Tom, April 27, 2012 1 News

Back in January we saw the release of Mos Speedrun, a retro platformgame developed by the Scottish developer Physmo. Right from the beginning there were some issues with the compatibility for certain phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S2. This… Read More »

By Tom, April 26, 2012 2 News

Cut The Rope is one of those games which is regularly updated with new content. Every new box brings a different type of gameplay, keeping the game fresh with every update. Today a new update is released, which will feature… Read More »

By Tom, April 26, 2012 0 News

What to do when you are a gingerbread man and don’t want to be baked in an oven? You start to run off course! And that’s what Oven Break is all about: run as far as you can to avoid… Read More »